20 Years of Experience

I’m Derek Hutton, founder of Hutton Fly. Twenty years ago, I made the decision to turn my passion for fly fishing into a unique career. Many anglers fish locally and simply dream of going to faraway lands to catch prized fish. I wanted to make that dream a reality, and began to lay the groundwork for organizing and hosting trips to the most exclusive destinations worldwide. I traveled the globe, met with experienced local outfitters, fished the waters, vetted lodging and food, and perfected every last detail to provide my clients with an unparalleled travel experience.

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Our Fishing Destinations

We manage Bair's Lodge and work with other Nervous Waters lodges to give our clients the fly fishing experience of a lifetime.

When you book at Bair's, we are able to work with you directly to curate a trip that fulfills all your fly fishing expectations.

Who We Are


Derek Hutton

For me, fly fishing grew from an obsession to a full time profession. I have pursued most aspects of the sport from being a full time guide, to organizing international trips to far flung expeditions to managing a world class lodge and fishing operation. Having a fly rod in my hand, just makes me happy.

Margaret Hutton

My passion for the outdoors and travel led to a love of fly-fishing.  Whether it is in the mountain streams of Idaho or Wyoming, the rivers of Patagonia or on the flats of The Bahamas, I love chasing fish in their native habitat.  While I love the catch, the friendships made and cultures experienced on the journey give me great joy.